First Week Top Nature Photos Artifact 1

Little overview ðŸŒ±

Through these photos I wanted to capture the small things in nature that people tend to miss. Taking photos also gives me time to get fresh air, learn more about nature, and can help me spread appreciation for little beautiful moments nature creates. I am also building skill with handling a camera and the camera I use is the Nikon D3400. I have also been slowly developing the skill to find the perfect moments to take the photo and how you have to use all your senses and how when walking around you must widen your scope like looking up in the trees, on the forest floor, and at eye view because you’ll never know what you can miss.  An example of this was when I was beginning my nature photography for the day and as I was walking, I stopped and listened for a moment and heard a hawk call in the distance then I followed the hawk call to where I stood behind a tree and began capturing some cool photos. Another thing I like about Nature photography is how unlike other photography subjects Nature photography or animal photography is moving a lot of the time so being stealthy and staying calm is very important. This is very thrilling for me. Nature also has been linked to improved attention, lower stress, better mood, reduced risk of psychiatric disorders, and even upticks in empathy and cooperation. Nurtured by Nature Article

Plant species : Magnolia grandiflora -has a fragrant smell 

Plant species : carpenter bees

These butterfly photos were hard to take because the butterflies were constantly moving and keeping them in view of the camera was a challenge but I was proud of how they turned out.

In this photo, I was really trying to capture the fall colors and on my fourth week of collecting artifacts I would come back and see the difference of the leaves changing.

Check out the rest of my photos on my google drive!

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